I’m a Flight-er

The list of excuses I have for not maintaining this blog lately is exhaustive. Ranging from “things were really busy at work” to “I am simply human garbage” to “it’s finally spring and I would rather be outside,” I obviously failed at carving out time to write…and that is okay. You heard it here first,… Continue reading I’m a Flight-er


It’s Okay To Cry

Reasons I have cried in the past two weeks: A delayed flight. An episode of Grey's Anatomy. A poem that reminds me of a friend who passed away. Homesickness--particularly thinking about how my family members are all living lives that I am not immediately near. An event I had been (tirelessly) working on was cancelled… Continue reading It’s Okay To Cry


What do #MeToo, Bitcoin, and the Women’s March all have in common?

I am angry. About all of them.  I find these topics quite indicative of much larger issues. Issues that are flooding headlines in public discourse, but are reduced into problematic sound bites and performative Instagram posts. In order to channel my rage, I will deliver separate mini-essays about them respectively. Here is what I had… Continue reading What do #MeToo, Bitcoin, and the Women’s March all have in common?

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Sundays aren’t just for being sad.

On any given Sunday these past four months, you would have found me in one of two places: the love seat/ottoman pairing to the left of my TV, or the couch to the right of my TV. In other words, my Sundays have historically and exclusively been reserved for the utmost laziness and losing myself… Continue reading Sundays aren’t just for being sad.